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Bonnie Rideout, known for her unique style of Scottish fiddling,
completes her ground-breaking work on fiddle piobaireachd with her latest
recording, Scotland's Fiddle Piobaireachd Volume 2.

"Simply stunning musicianship..." NEW YORK TIMES
"...the music speaks ... with a massive mythic power" THE GUARDIAN
"...her extraordinary fiddle playing is unrivalled..." BILLBOARD

Fiddle piobaireachd (pibroch) grew out of the centuries-old classical music of the great Highland bagpipes and the clarsach (Celtic harp). The music is embedded in Scotland's past and reflects a Celtic way of life still surviving today. Bonnie Rideout is the only performer in the world who has seriously engaged with this repertoire and, across two volumes, brings surviving fiddle piobaireachd to life from ancient manuscripts and publications, and contributing her own wonderful compositions to the genre.

Featuring musical contributions from such luminaries of the Gaelic and traditional music world as Allan MacDonald, William Jackson, and Barnaby Brown, Scotland's Fiddle Piobaireachd Volume 2 brings to fruition this unique and impressive project.

The first written examples of fiddle piobaireachd are from the early 18th-century, and explore the potential of the fiddle in remarkable ways, with re-tuned strings, double-stops, new bowing patterns, and complex ornamentation similar to that used by pipers and in Gaelic song.

Beautifully packaged, Scotland's Fiddle Piobaireachd Volume 2 extends and complements Volume I with outstanding performances and two new piobareachd by Bonnie herself. The booklet includes informative notes by producer and musicologist, Dr. John Purser

"If jigs, reels, strathspeys and marches were waves, piobaireachd would be the tsunami." BONNIE RIDEOUT

Scotland's Fiddle Piobaireachd Vol. 2 is released in conjunction with The National Piping Centre, Glasgow, and Sabhal Mór Ostaig, Isle of Skye

piping festival 2009

Bonnie performed at "Piping LIVE" - The Glasgow International Piping Festival. One concert was entitled "From Battle Lines to Bar Lines". It highlighted piobaireachd and featured Bonnie with Allan MacDonald and Margaret Stewart. The other concert included Gary West, Wendy Stewart, Iain Morrison, Gordon Walker and Raemond Jappy. Rideout premiered her original viola piobaireachd, "The Selchie". The Glasgow Herald wrote of Bonnie's playing: "...nothing short of mesmerizing."

Sabhal Mor Ostaig

Bonnie performed at the Gaelic College - Sabhal Mór Ostaig as a part of AOS DANA. She participated in two programs. One program was entitled: "The Unfolding Story" - A Literary Concert introducing the music of Erik Chishom - compositions inspired by piobaireachd and 18th century music from the Gaidhealtachd. Rideout joined internationally acclaimed Scottish pianist, Murray McLachlan and piper Decker Forrest, leader of the new Gaelic and Traditional Music course at Sabhal Mór Ostaig. Rideout also joined forces with Dr. John Purser for a program entitled: "Music in the Scottish Landscape." Bonnie accompanied John as he presented thousand year old tales and tunes illustrating the connections between landscape and Gaelic music through song and images. Included in the programme was the performance of a complete 18th-century fiddle piobaireachd and a reading of an Ossianic tale accompanied by a tune to which it used to be recited.


Bonnie's last tour, CALEDONIA, brought to the stage the very best of Scotland's music. On fiddle, bagpipes, harp, flute, rhythm, song, poetry, and dance, this project presented music from over four centuries of Scottish culture and history. The exciting roster of talent included Gaelic Singer MAIRI MACINNES from the Isle of Arran in the Hebrides, Cellist, CHRISTINE HANSEN from Glasgow as well as Inverness folk singer, ROY MUNRO. The rest of the CALEDONIA ensemble included Bonnie's favourites: JERRY O'SULLIVAN (Uilleann Pipes) WILLIAM JACKSON (Harp) JOHN DOYLE (Guitar) and MATT BELL (Percussion), ELLEN IRMISCH and SARA LYONS (Dancers).


After more than a decade on the road, Bonnie's SCOTTISH CHRISTMAS tour has come to a close. THANK YOU to all the performers: JERRY O'SULLIVAN (Uilleann Pipes) WILLIAM JACKSON (Harp) JOHN DOYLE (Guitar) and MATT BELL (Percussion), ELLEN IRMISCH, SARA LYONS, ROBERT MCOWEN, JEN SCHOONOVER (Dancers) for a joy-filled tour. THANK YOU also to our Road Managers over the years: Susie Pierce and Anne Marie Coggins, and to engineers Bill McNett and Chris MacDonald. We celebrated fifteen years of Christmas travel never missing a single concert. THANK YOU to our drivers Marc, Isaac, Chris and Steve for being our guardian angels through ice and snow. THANK YOU to the hundreds of venues and their staff who welcomed us to their halls. And finally; THANK YOU TO ALL THE FANS WHO FILLED THE HALLS TO CAPACITY EACH NIGHT! Scottish Christmas has now performed live for over half a million people since it's first that's worth a CELEBRATION!


BBC Radio Scotland has concluded its series "Scotland's Music" to rave reviews. For over a year the BBC ran a series of programs featuring all genres of Scottish music. Prominent Scottish writer and musicologist, DR. JOHN PURSER set the scene for this 50-part radio adventure uncovering the history of the music of Scotland from the Stone Age to present day. Bonnie recorded extensively for the show and her music was featured on several episodes. Now available is Dr. Purser's long awaited second edition of his brilliant book entitled "Scotland's Music" from which the programmes were created. To order, visit and see why the GLASGOW HERALD wrote: "The book is a milestone. Anyone interested in any aspect of the nation's musical heritage...will find enlightenment in this lavishly illustrated book."

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