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Scotland's Fiddle Piobaireachd Volume 2
Beautifully packaged, Scotland's Fiddle Piobaireachd Volume 2 extends and complements Volume I with outstanding performances and two new piobaireachd by Bonnie herself. The booklet includes informative notes by producer and musicologist, Dr. John Purser.
Track 01 - Pibroch
Track 08 - Pilililiu and Mo Chasan Dubh
Track 10 - Lament for the Horses of Uist
Scotland's Fiddle Piobaireachd Volume 1
Find out why THE GUARDIAN U.K. wrote the music "speaks with a massive mythic power." Bonnie has brought Scottish fiddle playing to new heights with a new recording dedicated entirely to this ancient musical form. This is music never before recorded; from early 18th century fiddle piobaireachd, to her own new piobaireachd compositions. William Jackson/harp, Allan MacDonald/bagpipes, Chris Norman/flute, and Simon O'Dwyer/bronze age horns join Bonnie on this stunning musical exploration.
Track 03 - McGrigor's Search
Track 04 - Dargai
Track 07 - Marsail Lochinalie
Track 08 - The Selchie
Harlaw - Scotland 1411
An exciting two-disc set of music and narration spanning 600 years of music associated with the famous Battle of Harlaw. Sixteen renowned Celtic musicians from Scotland, France, Canada and America join forces with Bonnie Rideout on an incredible historic and musical journey. Included are four piobaireachd, two ballads, and the powerful Brosnachadh incitement to battle sung by Allan MacDonald.
Narration - Disc 1
Track 01 - Introduction to Harlaw
Track 04 - The Brosnachadh
Track 07 - John Purser speaks with Elizabeth Stewart about the ballad
Music - Disc 2
Track 01 - March to the Battle of Harlaw
Track 02 - Harlaw Brosnachadh
Track 06 - Battle of Harlaw Ballad, sung by Andy Hunter
Track 08 - The Battle of Harlaw, fiddle piobaireachd
Track 09 - Battel of Harloe, Lute
Track 12 - Battle of Harlaw Ballad, sung by Elizabeth Stewart
Track 13 - Cath Ghairidheachd - March from Harlaw
Track 15 - Cath nan Eun - Battle of the Birds
Scottish Inheritance
This CD includes some rare old fiddle tunes mingled with contemporary compositions written by and for several personal mentors and friends who have offered their own rich musical legacy over the years.
Track 01 - Wilkie's Footrace
Track 04 - The Cairngorm
Track 10 - The Flying Scotsman
Track 11 - As I Kissed Yestere'en
Scottish Fiddle Encyclopedia
As part of the Mel Bay Encyclopedia Series, the purpose of this book is to offer fiddlers direct access to the gems of the genre. Composers represented in this volume span a three hundred year period including works by: Patrick MacDonald, Adam Craig, Capt. Charles Duff, Simon Fraser, Robert and Joseph Lowe, Robert MacIntosh, William Marshall, and J. Scott Skinner. Ms. Rideout's original compositions are also included. The tunes are listed in order by key signature to enable the fiddler to put sets together for performance, competition or session playing. This book contains extra marches and strathspeys unique to Scottish fiddling. The end of the book is dedicated to solo numbers consisting of piobaireachd (pibroch) and slow airs. The Scottish Fiddle Encyclopedia is an essential tune book for musicians interested in developing a deeper appreciation for genuine traditional Scottish fiddle music.
Scottish Fiddler Encyclopedia
A Scottish Fiddle Collection
This is a "best of" disc representing tracks from Bonnie's first eight recordings on the Maggie's Music record label.
Track 03 - Pipe Major William Wilson
Track 05 - St. Kilda Dance
Track 13 - Bonny Jean O' Aberdeen
Scottish Fire
This multi-award winning recording features Bonnie's lively Scottish fiddle style with Jerry O'Sullivan/pipes, Al Petteway/guitar, Robin Bullock/guitar & cittern, Maggie Sansone/dulcimer, Tina Chancey/viola da gamba/ Paddy League & John Quigg/percussion.
Track 02 - Pop Goes the Weasel
Track 03 - O Onochie O
Track 08 - Dr. Gordon Stable's Reel
Track 12 - Purser's Air
Celtic Circles
Bonnie Rideout's now classic debut recording from Maggie's Music.
Track 03 - Jig in A
Track 04 - Lament on the Death of Sor Blanca Maria
Track 12 - Yell Tell
Track 13 - Prince Charlie's Farewell to Scotland
Gi'me Elbow Room
This is a lively recording featuring all the different Scottish and Celtic instruments as well as Scottish traditional song and poetry. Three generations of Rideouts are represented on this PARENT'S CHOICE GOLD award winning children's CD.
Track 02 - Gi'me Elbow Room
Track 06 - The Hen's March
Track 10 - There Was a Wee Cooper
Track 15 - Hickory Dickory Dock
Track 20 - Northwest Passage
Kindred Spirits
Bonnie's personal favourite recording from the Maggie's Music label.
Track 01 - The Wise Maid
Track 06 - Roy's Wife O' Alldivaloch
Track 08 - A.S. Scott
Track 11 - Rebecca's Hymn
Soft May Morn
Bonnie Rideout's first solo recording with her mother, Betty Rideout/piano, and Charlie Wilkie/guitar.
Track 05 - One Day I Traveled the Moor
Track 07 - Soft May Morn
Track 10 - Gruagach
Track 11 - Rocks of the Peak
Bonnie and Friends -- Scottish Reflections
Track 01 - The Periwig
Track 02 - Seal Song
Track 06 - Lamentation for the Fallen Heroes of Waterloo
Track 10 - The Highland Laddie
Scottish Reflections
City of Washington Pipe Band -- Scottish Rant
Track 01 - Asturian Reels and Jigs
Track 03 - Amazing Grace
The Celebration
In keeping with the vibrancy of traditional Scottish music, "THE CELEBRATION" is an exciting collaboration between Rideout and other Celtic music stars including renowned piper Jerry O'Sullivan, Scottish harper William Jackson, and Riverdance percussionist, Steve Holloway. This unique collection of carols, wassail tunes and dance medleys celebrates Christmas, Boxing Day, Hogmanay (Scottish New Year's Eve) and the New Year.
Track 01 - On Christmas Night
Track 04 - Taladh Chriosta (Christ Child Lullaby)
Track 05 - Angels We Have Heard on High
Track 13 - Auld Lang Syne
A Scottish Christmas - Featuring Bonnie Rideout with piper Eric Rigler, Al Petteway/guitar, and Maggie Sansone/hammered dulcimer
Track 01 - Oh Come, O Come Emmanuel
Track 04 - What Child Is This/Greensleeves
Track 11 - New Year's Day
Track 13 - Rorate (Nativity)
The Art of Robert Burns
Bonnie Rideout recorded this in Rosslyn Chapel, Midlothian, Scotland with The Edinburgh Players. With artistic direction from the late Dr. David Johnson, this is a wonderful recording with fine singing represented.
Track 01 - Contented We' Little and Cantie Wi' Mair
Track 09 - The New Bridge of Rutherglen
Track 21 - Rory Dall's Port
Track 24 - Had I the Wyte? - She Bade Me
Track 25 - O Willie Brew'd a Peck o' Maut
John Purser - Dreaming of Islands
This is a brilliant new recording released by Dr. John Purser, producer of Ms. Rideout's "Scottish Fiddle Piobaireachd vols. I and II" and "HARLAW 1411". It consists of his original contemporary classical compositions. In his words he describes some of the tracks: "The classical music of the Highland bagpipes has inspired Luis for solo violin, and Wai Taheke for solo flute. Both respond to the rhythms of nature and are musically and technically demanding. The rhythms of nature also dictate the music of the Clavier Sonata and Skyelines, though they are in a different idiom." The title and opening tracks were composed for and played by Bonnie Rideout.
Excerpt from Wai Taheke - John Purser